Jardin des Plantes: picnic among the flowers of Paris

The Jardin des Plantes is the perfect walk for a beautiful Sunday morning in spring 🙂 Much more than the botanical garden in Paris, the “Garden of Plants” also contains a zoo (the second oldest in Europe), the Museum of Natural History of the City and the Museum of Paleontology, in addition to four greenhouses that recreate the nature of different places in the world!

The garden is located in the Latin Quarter , the university district in the heart of Paris, and the fact that it is free of charge means that it is always busy, full of children playing, families enjoying the weekend and several groups of friends having a picnic!

That’s what my friend André and I did – we separated fruit, yogurt and a sandwich in a small basket to have a breakfast picnic in the middle of the rose bushes in the Jardin des Plantes! The smell of flowers perfumed my day and made our walk one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy Paris on a sunny day.

The variety of plants and trees in the garden really catches the eye, and the other attractions are also worth it. After the picnic, we went in search of the famous red pandas of the Parisian zoo. We managed to see some from afar as they were quite hidden, but I loved seeing one of those teddy bears live for the first time! They are super cute and are the hit at the zoo, everyone goes there looking for them!

I had already visited the Natural History Museum on another trip and if I didn’t have a full day I would definitely visit it again. The building is absolutely beautiful and, in addition to the famous Gallery of Evolution and the paleontology and geology collection, the museum has a varied program, which sometimes includes photography exhibitions and other cool things.

My tour continued along the banks of the River Seine towards the Arab World Institute, which is just a few minutes away, in the best way to discover Paris: on foot! 🙂

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