Lookout and CN Tower: Canada seen from above

Let’s start with a low tower, with a modest 130 meters. The Lookout Tower, in Vancouver, has a panoramic elevator that lets us see the city getting smaller and smaller below. People lose their breath as the view reveals itself: to the north the snow-covered mountains, to the west the Pacific Ocean.

The cool thing is that Vancouver is not such a big city, nor is the tower that tall, so you can recognize the streets, buildings and parks from up there. Even cooler, the ticket ($15 Canadian, $10 for students) is good for the entire day, so you can come back at night to see the city lit up.

Vancouver view from the towerVancouver view from the tower

On one of the top floors there is a revolving restaurant – so you can enjoy the view from all angles. My budget at the time of the trip did not allow for such a dinner, but if you want to try it, you can make reservations online.

In Toronto, the CN Tower – a great Canadian icon – is much taller and also more expensive (from $24, but it’s worth it).

CN Tower

The CN Tower is 553 meters in total, but the observatory is 447 meters off the ground. It was conceived at the turn of the 1970s by the Canadian National Railway, who wanted to solve constant communication problems arising from the city’s growth and showcase the strength of Canadian industry.

In the end, the tower soon made more money from tourism than from actual operations.

CN Tower

The CN Tower also has a panoramic elevator (this one is super fast) but what really makes your stomach go cold is the stretch that has a glass floor 342 meters above the ground! If that’s not enough to make you fearful, plan your trip for the period between May and October, when you can do the Edge Walk.

The game goes like this: you wear the safety gear and are trapped at the top of the tower by a cable alongside five friends and a guide. Then you spend half an hour walking around the entire tower from the outside and hanging at 356 meters. What about?

Who started it was the Sky Tower, which is in Auckland, New Zealand, and is practically half the height. In 2011, Toronto joined and became the only place in the Americas to offer such an attraction. The $175 Canadian dollar ticket includes video and photos of your adventure, as well as a certificate that proves you’re male as hell 😀

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