Space travel: the dream of getting to know other planets

Remember how we talked about vintage travel posters here? At that time, the advances of the 20th century brought for the first time the possibility of exploring distant and exotic places. But if traveling the world is a reality today, what fantastic destinations are part of our imagination? What borders do we dream of crossing?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory created retro-inspired posters to publicize some of the extrasolar planets discovered by the Kepler spacecraft. With these drawings alone, you can already have an idea of ​​how much different and incredible things really exist in the universe!

The Exoplanet Travel Bureau, as they called the project, advertises interstellar travel for us to imagine what it would be like to explore a “Super Earth” twice the size of our own (and a much stronger gravity), enjoy the nightlife of a planet where there is no daylight, walk through a landscape where the grass would be red (!!!) or even watch a doubly unforgettable sunset on a planet that has two suns 😎

While the idea of ​​taking a space trip is closer to science fiction than reality, we have fun with movies and comics of fantastic adventures outside Earth.

Steve Thomas, the same American illustrator who created a collection of posters inspired by comics and movies like Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz, also made a series of fictional space travel posters! Between sailing on Neptune, skiing on Pluto or enjoying the incredible views of the canyons of Mars, where would you go on vacation? 😀


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