The most curious museums in Paris

Whenever I travel I love discovering new places and doing different tours. I took advantage of my trip to Paris this year to discover other museums besides the famous Louvre or D’Orsay. I took a day to get to know them and I can say, it is really worth visiting one of these four curious Parisian museums that are very unusual for tourists!

Perfume Museum

A beautiful and elegant mansion near the Paris Opera House serves as the location for this museum, also known as the Fragonard Museum of Perfume. The mansion’s rooms give way to antiques used in the manufacture of fragrances, including perfume bottles, antique hygiene kits and stills for fragrance extracts. The feeling I had when I left there was that I was perfumed for the rest of the trip!

The Perfume Museum:  9 rue Scribe (9th arrondissement)

Wine Museum

France has a special relationship with this drink, and it is a delight to learn more about French wine production. The Wine Museum has more than 2,000 accessories used in the production and consumption of wine over the centuries, telling the entire history of the drink in the country, with audio in Portuguese. You feel like you’re in a real stone-lined cellar! The space has, in addition to the museum, a wine school and a restaurant that allows tasting of various types of grape!

The Wine Museum:  5 Square Charles Dickens (16th arrondissement)

Smoker’s Museum

A famous characteristic of the French people, cigarettes and tobacco are the essential elements of the Smoker’s Museum. It features a super curious collection of herbs smoked around the world and objects ranging from cigars and hookahs to electronic cigarettes. All of this accompanied by engravings, photographs and videos that show tobacco consumption in different places and times.

The Smoker’s Museum:  7 Rue Pache (11th arrondissement)

Sewer Museum

Remember our post about the Catacombs of Paris? There is practically another city under the Parisian streets! This curious underground museum is hidden under the Pont de l’Alma and is guided by the workers of the city’s water and sanitation system. One of the things I found most interesting in the Sewage Museum was the part with the collection of objects left in the pipes, such as hidden weapons and even jewelry! The tip is to take a flashlight and don’t be scared if you happen to find a cockroach along the way! 😀

Paris Sewer Museum:  Pont de l’Alma (Rive Gauche) em frente ao número 93 Quai D’Orsay (7th arrondissement)

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